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Town Planning

DIAP studies time-tested ideas in successful communities around the world and brings them to bear to solve today’s challenges. DIAP also looks ahead far into the future to accommodate changing demographics, environmental characteristics, and economics.

Burlingame, California, USA

Donnelly Plaza

This proposal for a mixed-use infill project enhances the pedestrian-friendly downtown Burlingame area. Donnelly Plaza occupies the footprints of existing parking lots. A series of three plazas surrounded by retail and residential space will link Burlingame Avenue and the nearby library. Donnelly Plaza provides much-needed housing, and underground parking.


San Mateo, California, USA

Bridgepointe, San Mateo, California, United States


Bridgepointe combines high-end condominiums with an office complex, which compliments retail stores across the street. Part of a horizontal mixed-use development, Bridgepointe is a fully-integrated living and working environment. With a density of 50 units per acre, Bridgepointe offers executive living on the Peninsula.


Daly City, California, USA

Cow Palace, Daly City, CA

Cow Palace Redevelopment

This redevelopment design turns 45 acres of parking lots, an obsolete drive-in movie theater, and a sloped unused area, into a state of the art, sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood with residential, commercial, offices and hotel occupancies. The design also takes advantage of the natural characteristics of the site. 


Burlingame, California, USA

Gateway Plaza, Burlingame, California, United States

Gateway Plaza

Gateway Plaza was designed with no on-grade parking, which allows for full use of the land, and offers a pedestrian-friendly environment. Underground garages supply parking for both Gateway Plaza and the downtown area. Gateway Plaza includes a full-service grocery store, ground level retail space, public plazas, and housing above.


Oslo, Norway, Europe

Loren Leir, Oslo, Norway

Loren Leir

Loren Leir, a former WWII German military base, has been redeveloped into a pedestrian mixed use district, which reuses and integrates some of the existing historic buildings. New architecture in the Nordic vernacular, makes this new urban district attractive for all residents as well as for a variety of businesses. 


Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco Vista, Jaco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Jaco Vista

Using the Strategic Design Methodology, the design process naturally followed the Costa Rica vernacular of wild animals, forests, water and an amazing climate. 
With a minimalist approach, a vast majority of this hill was forever returned to mother nature. The proposed/ approved design preserves and enhances the ecological characteristics of the area by limiting the human occupation exclusively on land with minimum or no ecological value.