Jens Bjelkes Gate 71, Oslo, Norway

The first true loft building in Oslo, Jens Bjelkes Gate 71 brings contemporary lifestyles to a neighborhood of traditional apartments. The scale of the building, local materials, and an abundance of glass on the exterior reflect nearby vegetation and buildings and blend into the surrounding environment.

The design encourages community by grouping entrances, generously-sized private balconies, and vertical cores together at the rear of the building. The rooftop is devoted to common space, with an enclosed penthouse for gatherings, a playground, and landscaping that complements spectacular views across Oslo.

Project Name: Jens Bjelkes Gate 71

Location: Oslo, Norway

Site Area(s): 0.82 hectares (ha.) / 0.33 acres

Urban Infill Mixed-Use Development

Oslo, Jens Bjelkes Gate 71, Roof Plans, Option 1

Oslo, Jens Bjelkes Gate 71, Balcony View

Building Area(s):

    • Retail: 252 m2 / 2,713 ft2 (sq ft.)
    • Lofts: 40 units
    • Parking: 42 spaces

Oslo, Jens Bjelkes Gate 7, Roof Plans, Option 2

Oslo, Jens Bjelkes Gate 71, Roof View