Palmdale Office & Warehouse Mixed-Use (LLC-21)

Adjacent to the expending Palmdale Airport, this unique office/warehouse mixed-use complex is tailored to service local, national and international clientele needs. Functional and flexible spaces allow both small, medium and large tenants. Influenced by the high desert climate almost continuous sunny days, this buildings solar oriented design will cover all the energy needs for its tenants. Located along the airport runaway, this development will be among the first land bound buildings to welcome flights from all over the world.

Project Name: Palmdale Office & Warehouse Mixed-Use

Location: Palmdale, California

Site Area(s): 3.479 acre

Building Area(s):

  • Option A
    • Warehouse, Office/Commercial: 151,560 ft2 (sq ft.)
    • Parking: 280 spaces
  • Option B
    • Warehouse, Office/Commercial: 151,570 ft2 (sq ft.)
    • Parking: 264 spaces

Services: Town Planning, Entitlements & Architectural Design.

Palmdale Mixed-Use, Site Plan

Palmdale Mixed-Use, Elevation Studies