Jaco Vista, Jaco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Using the Strategic Design Methodology, the design process naturally followed the Costa Rica vernacular of wild animals, forests, water and an amazing climate. With a minimalist approach, a vast majority of this hill was forever returned to mother nature. The proposed/approved design preserves and enhances the ecological characteristics of the area by limiting the human occupation exclusively on land with minimum or no ecological value. Sustainable, green architecture is exclusively used.

Inspired by the local history and culture, instead of importing designs from Miami or Marbella, an edgy, organic, Andean architecture was introduced for the three sectors of the site: the bottom area ("squatters" lands) offers the higher densities of resort hotels and sport facilities, the larger middle area, which is intensely sloped, features an Andean village and the highlands are sparsely used for a limited number of private residences. The orientation, the Pacific Ocean panoramic views, and the restored local ecology are second to none.

Project Name: International Eco Resort

Site Area(s): 40.3 hectares (ha.) / 100 acres

Jaco Vista, Topography Analysis

Jaco Vista, Slopes & Drainage

Jaco Vista, Protection Zones by Forest Cover, Slopes & Surface Water Supply

Building Area(s):

    • Hotel: +/- 500 rooms, with conference facility and spa
    • Boutique Hotel: +/- 100 rooms
    • Townhomes and Condos: +/- 200 (managed by hotel)
    • Single family homes +/- 100
    • Retail and Entertaining
    • Sports and Fitness Facility
    • Eco-tourism attractions and amenities

Costa Rice, Jaco Vista, Master Plan

Costa Rice, Jaco Vista, Protection Zones & Building Fabric