Loren Leir, Oslo, Norway

It is a real challenge to change the spirit of a place

Loren Leir, a former WWII German military base, has been redeveloped into a pedestrian mixed-use district, which reuses and integrates some of the existing historic buildings. New architecture in the Nordic vernacular, makes this new urban district attractive for all residents of all ages as well as for a variety of commercial and business occupancies.

Parks and alleys, porticoes and plazas, people of all ages, and an inspired development and city administration team have brought back to life an area carrying difficult memories for the local inhabitants. Turning around and opening a new future for such a district brought back to life a deserving area.

Project Name: Loren Camp (Løren Leir) Master Plan

Location: Oslo, Norway

Site Area(s): 124,100 m2 / 1,335,801 SF (sq ft.)

Oslo, Norway, Loren Leir, Master Plan

Building Area(s):

    • Retail & Loading Dock: 1,122 m2 / 12,074 SF (sq ft.)
    • Live/Work: 54 units
    • Parking: 73 spaces
    • Usable Open Space: 456 m2 / 4,912 SF (sq ft.)

Oslo, Norway, Loren Leir, Area Perspective View

Oslo, Norway, Loren Leir, Master Plan Studies