Bridgepointe, San Mateo, California, United States

On the site of a former shopping center surrounded by parking lots, DIAP designed a master plan for residential and office buildings that was quickly approved and entitled. Half of the site is walkable, open space, with a parking structure for the office buildings and underground parking beneath the residential buildings. The structures are supported by deep piles in the bay mud.

The condominiums include a range of unit designs for flexible leasing. Buildings are built around courtyards, with high quality shared open space in between. A pool, fitness center, and business center form a node of activity near the main entrance. The services, amenities, and high-quality design of the units make Bridgepointe the standard for modern living on the Peninsula.

The redevelopment combines high-end condominiums with an office complex, which compliments retail stores across the street. Bridgepoint focuses on inviting, green public spaces that link the buildings. Instead of parking lots, a multi-story structure provides parking for the office buildings, and underground parking below the condominiums ensures easy access for residents.

Project Name: Bridgepoint Master Plan

Location: San Mateo, California

Site Area(s): 10.7 acres / 4.3 hectares (ha)

Building Area(s):

    • Residential: 396 units
    • Parking: 840 spaces

San Mateo, Bridgepointe Original Aerial View

San Mateo, Bridgepointe New Aerial View

San Mateo, Bridgepointe Master Plan

San Mateo, Bridgepointe street view