State Street Academy - Student Housing

A few blocks away from the Georgia Tech College Campus, in the mid 1980s, the local school district put up for sale a neglected, but beautiful 1906 school building. How do you win the bidding war and what do you do with the old brick building if you win the bidding war?

First the old school building was qualified to be a National Historic Monument, then it was carefully restored to its original beauty. It was then that we were able to list it with the National Registrar of Historic Buildings. Along with a few small new buildings on the site, the entire project was designed and dedicated to student housing. Old classroom blackboards were saved in their original locations and condition to become the living room focal point for each new generation of students. The school amphitheater was saved as well, and now includes six two story townhouses, which take full advantage of the original tall windows and hardwood floors. Day and night, this little ageless village is full of young life and learning, while equally enjoying the old and the new.

Project Name: State Street Academy Student Housing

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Site Area(s): 1.60 acres

Building Area(s):

  • Residential: 25 units in historic building & 22 new units on the balance of the site.
  • Parking: 60 spaces

Services: Urban Design, Historic Preservation, Creative Reuse, Entitlements, Architectural Design & Construction Documentation.