Palmdale Retail & Medical Office Mixed-Use (LLC-22)

Overlooking a pleasant local park, this state of the art green, sustainable mixed-use development is providing medical, retail and day care functions to this neighborhood. Careful design for a high desert environment, this lively mixed-use oasis, uses public water, gas and power only for back and/or emergency needs. A few short blocks away from the high speed train station and close to local public transportation lines, this new development can become a vibrant new hub for the surrounding residents.

Project Name: Palmdale Retail & Medical Office Mixed-Use

Location: Palmdale, California

Site Area: 4.67 acres

Building's Areas:

  • Ground Level Retail: 53,670 ft2 (sq ft.)
  • Second Level: 70,050 ft2 (sq ft.)
  • Third Level:70,050 ft2 (sq ft.)
  • Parking: 780 spaces

Services: Town Planning, Entitlements & Architectural Design.

Palmdale Mixed-Use, 3D Study Elevation

Palmdale Mixed-Use, Site Plan

Palmdale Mixed-Use, 30th Street East Elevations

Palmdale Mixed-Use, Mall Street East and West Elevations

Palmdale Mixed-Use, North Elevations - Bowling Parking

Palmdale Mixed-Use, South Elevations - Park View

Palmdale Mixed-Use, 3D Studies

Palmdale Mixed-Use, Parking, Retail & Office Floor Plans