Strategic Regional Planning (SRP)

Strategic regional planning principles, which lead to true sustainability, are at the heart of DIAP’s thinking. Inspired by local geography, history, and culture, DIAP uses a contextual approach to design site-specific plans which are integrated with the surrounding environment. DIAP studies time-tested ideas in successful communities around the world, and brings them to bear to solve today’s challenges. DIAP also looks ahead far into the future to accommodate changing demographics, environmental characteristics, and economics.

When the challenge is to create a future for a place, one has to analyze and then synthesize the relevant information available. The effort is complex. It involves the realms of environment, history, culture, and economics--as well as the cultural issues of small villages versus globalization. How does one find a solution for successful regional strategic planning in a clear, safe, natural and elegant way? How can one find the essential characteristics of the place and the local people in order to help create a healthy, vibrant, self-regenerating and successful future—providing security at the local household level, as well as being compatible with trends at the global scale?

One of the ways to achieve these goals is to create a focused vision and advance creative recommendations that inspire all interested parties to move forward in a concerted manner. Regional and strategic planning is a process rooted in world experience and history, local environment and people, and economic and cultural waves.

Total Area: 8,488 km2 / 3277.235 Square Miles

Significant sprawl, population growth, and development in the Yangtze River Delta are negatively impacting both traditional ways of life and the natural environment.

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Oscos Valley, Asturias, Spain

Total Area: 47,000 hectares / 116,140 acres

Accessible from anywhere in the world, these communities offer luxurious dwellings set in secluded natural beauty. The designs are true to the materials and architectural style of the area and offer ample modern conveniences.


Suchen, Jiangsu Province, China

Total Area: 1.58 km2 / 0.61 Square Miles

This regional center master plan was inspired by local historic water villages. In the Chinese river deltas, villages are traditionally compact and centralized and are located a day’s boat ride from each other.