Lake Merritt, Oakland, California, United States

Tiny site, beautiful location, elegant high-end residential living.

An elliptical residential high-rise building along a transportation corridor, Lake Merritt tower has a striking presence over the lake. With a slim profile towards the San Francisco Bay, the tower avoids obscuring views. Lake Merritt Tower includes ground level retail spaces and an underground and above ground residential garages. All corner units, all view units, all glass and concrete facade.

Project Name: Lake Merritt Tower

Location: Oakland, California

Oakland, Lake Merritt Tower, Proposed Building Section

Site Area(s): 0.48 acres / 0.19 hectares (ha.)

Oakland, Lake Merritt Tower, Proposed Site Plan

Building Area(s):

    • Retail: 6,300 ft2 (sq ft.) / 585 m2
    • Residential: 90 units
    • Parking: 129 spaces
    • Open Space:
      • Private: +/- 12,800 ft2 (sq ft.) / 1,189 m2
      • Common, enclosed: +/- 6,800 ft2 (sq ft.) / 632 m2
      • Open: +/- 5,670 ft2 (sq ft.) / 527 m2

Oakland, Lake Merritt Tower, Proposed Building Elevations

Oakland, Lake Merritt Tower, Typical Floor Plan