Ullern Hovedgard Senior Housing

On the West side of Oslo there is a very nice high end neighborhood called Ullern. The name comes from a very old farm, the Ullern farm, whose ruined stone walls are still visible today on this site...a beautiful setting with a lot of historical character...

The design of this small senior housing building was inspired by the local farms' vernacular of scale, layout, volumes and shapes. As a unifying element, the old ruined walls of the Ullern farm have been integrated into the new building as focal elements for both interior and exterior spaces. The interaction with this unique, fluid feature creates a very unusual dialog between the old, the new and the rich history of this place.

Project Name: Ullern Hovedgard Senior Housing

Location: Ullern Hovedgard, Oslo, Norway

Site Area(s): 3,800 ft2 (sq ft.)

Building Area(s):

  • Senior Housing: 38 units
  • Parking: 22 spaces

Ullern Hovedgard, Senior Housing, Floor Plans

Ullern Hovedgard, Senior Housing, Perspective Views

Ullern Hovedgard, Senior Housing, Aerial View