Cow Palace, Daly City, CA

What should one do with a derelict area...

This redevelopment design turns 45 acres of parking lots, an obsolete drive-in movie theater, and a sloped unused area, into a state of the art, sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood with residential, commercial, offices and hotel occupancies. The design also takes advantage of the natural characteristics of the site. Stair stopped residential structures provide panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and of the valley leading to it. A strong office and hotel complex, designed to attract Silicon Valley's high-tech companies, shares its vast garages with the Cow Palace, during weekend and evening events.

Furthermore, the underlying design concept creates a strategic East side gateway for the city of Daly City with an upscale, young, new neighborhood that will facilitate a new and positive trend for the surrounding areas. Using GIS technology, the proposed sustainable design is subtly using the site's natural features to bring to life a grossly underutilized site. Parks and vista points, plazas and porticoes, quality residential living in close proximity to jobs and San Francisco, enhance the residents and workers daily experiences.

Project Name: Cow Palace Redevelopment

Site Area(s): +/- 45 acres / 18.2 ha (hectare)

Daly City, Cow Palace, Site Plan, Option A

Daly City, Cow Palace, Site Plan, Option B

Daly City, Cow Palace, Site Plan, Option C

Building Area(s):

    • Office: 500,000 square feet (SqFt) / 46,452 m2
    • Retail (including supermarket): 250,000 square feet (SqFt) / 23,225 m2
    • Hotel: 300 rooms
    • Residential: 450 Single-family / 700 Multi-family units
    • Parks: 5 acres
    • Required and public parking garages

Daly City, Cow Palace, 3D Aerial View, Terrain Studies

Daly City, Cow Palace, Topography Studies

Daly City, Cow Palace, Site Plan, Option D

Daly City, Cow Palace, Site Plan, Option E