Victoria Court

This residential complex is an affordable housing enclave that was softly integrated into the neighborhood fabric. Children, pedestrians and landscaping dominate the secure internal open space, which is also sparingly used by the residents' cars slowly getting to their garages. 3 bedroom / 2 1/2 bath, feel simple, paired townhouses create a very pleasant internal defensible space, which is full of toys, benches, shaded corners, landscaping and chatting neighbors. The Victoria Court complex has become a very warm small village in the middle of a busy city.

Project Name: Victoria Court

Location: Oakland, California

Site Area(s): 0.55 acres / 2,226 m2

Building's Areas:

  • Residential: 16 affordable townhouse units
  • Parking: 24 spaces

Services: Urban Design, Entitlements, Architectural Design, Construction Documentation