Selvaag Bolig Headquarters, Oslo, Norway

How do you design the corporate headquarters for a family owned, family run company? ... You simply talk to the owner.

Some 15 years ahead of the social network millennials' "interactive offices" in Silicon Valley, a hands-on, visionary owner was looking for a new way to work, create, interact and discover workplace balance. With fluidity and openness in mind, surprising spaces, ideas, creative atmospheres, unique features, and out of the box ideas emerged. The interaction of many behavioral concepts, complemented by total interaction, open workspaces, atriums, plazas, patios, galleries, roof terraces, food and exercise facilities, nooks and crannies, created a very unique and creative workplace. Timeless design and materials, flexibility of the spaces for creative/adaptable reuse and sustainable design in the harsh Norwegian climate were some other programmatic points.Elegant pavilions, fluid spaces, light on the land, open for human interaction and creative work.

Project Name: Selvaag Bolig Headquarters

Location: Oslo, Norway

Site Area(s): 11,900 m2 / 128,091 ft2 (sq ft.)

Building Area(s): 18,000 m2 / 193,750 ft2 (sq ft.)

Oslo, Selvaag Bolig Headquarters, Section 1

Oslo, Selvaag Bolig Headquarters, Main Floor Plan

Oslo, Selvaag Bolig Headquarters, Section 2

Oslo, Selvaag Bolig Headquarters, Building Elevation